Please don't push a rock up a hill and have it roll back down AGAIN and AGAIN.

Brian Culhane can show you a better way.




Sadly, most real estate agents have to start over every year and push a rock just as HIGH and HARD as they did last year.

Brian understands your challenges. He gets it.

As a buyer’s agent, he was triple booked on the weekends, showing 30, 40 houses in the sweltering Arizona heat by taking on a strenuous uphill battle. Brian found a better way to make money in real estate by pushing the rock down the hill. 

For most real estate agents, their business is like running a treadmill. The clock is always resetting, like the Groundhog Day movie, as they grind along from one deal to the next. Brian will show you how you can make more money without working harder.



Grow and prosper with real teamwork, real support, and real reward.

Get guidance and advice from someone that has been where you are and who has experienced stratospheric growth.


Create inner and outer wealth by growing a prosperous real estate business you love.


Enjoy passive income and multiple revenue streams to build a nest egg for your retirement.


Master your time to be more productive and sell more real estate without working harder than you are now.


Put technology to work for you by availing next-gen software and a suite of cunning-edge tools.


Turn your lead generation systems into a well-oiled machine and leverage for mega growth.



Let's conversate.


Brian works with those special agents who want to set themselves apart from the masses, who want to build a lucrative, sustainable real estate business and lifestyle of their own design.


Mastermind Calls

Brian is not telling you how to run your business – he’s letting you listen as he runs his. Rub shoulders with some of the top real estate talent and forge lasting relationships in the process.





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